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Employer Branding


“Our company is amazing, but no one knows about us!” Does this sound like you?
Then what you need is a strong employer brand, a compelling company story, authentic articles, posts, videos, engaging job ads, a career page, and many other components. This is how you'll draw in the best candidates.

Strategy setting

We devise a plan to market your company to potential candidates. We will craft a main message, themes and tone of voice. Then, we will select the right communication channels and ensure it all aligns with the recruitment process. No abstract concepts or lengthy presentations here – we provide direct, practical solutions.

Discovery and EVP (Employee Value Proposition) setting

Set the content plan, communication channels and the right tone of voice.

We will prepare templates, boilerplates and other tools for you to work with.

We can cover the entire process in 6 weeks

Content creation

Quality content always attracts more attention than advertisement. However, writing a good article or making a well produced video is quite a challenge. Content should be authentic, clear, compelling, well targeted and expertly crafted. That is why we have multidisciplinary team of professionals with different skills and expertise. Put it all together and you're set for success.

Blog articles (about people, projects, technology or company culture)

Social media posts (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook)

Videos for job boards, YouTube or social media


Personal brand

Employee advocacy is THE strategy for amplifying brand reach & generating bigger audiences on social. Content created and shared by employees has amazing engagement and credibility. That's why we do personal branding, LinkedIn coaching and employee advocacy programs.

Train your managers or ambassadors (social media, copywriting, photo/video production)

Set up a content plan

Provide coaching and individual support

Content shared by employees has 8x more engagement

Shining bright with a star

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